Mixing is more than finding a balance between all of the instruments in a song. Mixing is the art of making each element sound great, and engaging the listener in the emotional content of the song. Mixing is where the sonic impact and signatures are defined. Using a mixture of some of the best digital and analog processors, I can tailor the sound to match the song’s aesthetic, be it a more vintage or modern character. I highlight the characteristics unique to your music and bring them forward in the most engaging way. Most of all, I keep in close communication with the artist to understand the direction they think the song should go, and how we can get it there together.

I do my engineering and production work primarily in Reaper, and sometimes Pro Tools. I’ve made a helpful Mixing Process page for further details about how we can work together, and what the process of collaborating would look like.


This is the first chance that you have to get the sound that you’re looking for. Whether you want to track the whole band live or work through section by section one instrument at a time, this is the start of the recording’s sound. As a recordist, I don’t believe in “fixing it in the mix”; there’s a special something that can’t be brought back by even the best mixers after a song is poorly recorded. Conversely, there’s a way that the instruments sit together when a song is well recorded that is hard to emulate in mixing.


A producer is the outside voice that an artist may need to keep their work grounded. A second opinion from a fan who understands how records are made from the experience of making hundreds. A master planner, who sees the big picture, the final product, yet keeps in tune to the smallest details. A full collaborator, an arranger, a performer, an artist developer, an industry connection. Producer is a broad term that could imply any number of these things, but most importantly, a producer is someone that you can trust. As a musician myself, I have a keen understanding of how music should flow and how to help bands express what they’re looking for sonically.


Mastering is the last stage of the process, the last stop before the music is released to the world. It’s the polish on a completed mix that makes it shine. It’s the glue for the record that makes sure that you have a coherent flow from song to song. Mastering addresses the loudness differences among songs on an EP/album, the tonal differences between songs, the impact differences between songs on the album, and how each song is spaced within the work, all with an ear attuned to how the record relates to similar releases. I can make sure that your record not only pops, but is prepared for the many formats and platforms in an ever-changing music industry.