Logic is quite good about batch exporting stems. With a few steps, you should be able to export everything I’d need to mix your song!

1) Export your rough mix, so I have an idea of the balances that you’ve been working with. This tells me what parts you consider foreground/background, and will also let me know if I’m either missing any elements or have a stem that shouldn’t be in the mix.

2) Remove all processing from your master fader.

3) Select the length of your project in the timeline, then go to File>Export>Bounce All Tracks. It’ll bring you to the export window in the screenshot below. I ask that you export both processed and unprocessed stems.

Logic Export Settings4) Create two folders for the stems to be exported to, labelled “Processed Stems” and “Unprocessed Stems”. Set the format to “WAVE”, the Bit Depth to 24, and normalize to “Off”. Set the naming convention to [Track Name]_[Custom].

5) First, export to the Processed Stems folder. Leave “Bypass Effect Plug-ins” unchecked. Under “Custom:”, write “Processed”.

6) Then export to the Unprocessed Stems folder. Check off “Bypass Effect Plug-ins” and under “Custom:” write “Unprocessed”. The resulting files should look appear, for example: “Bass_Processed.wav” and “Bass_Unprocessed.wav” respectively.

7) If you used Logic’s programmed drum engine, here is a helpful tutorial for exporting stems from that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VckCtr2QelA

8) You’re done! Please put the rough mix, Processed folder, and Unprocessed folder into a clearly labelled master folder with the song’s name, and send the whole bundle however you prefer. And let me know the BPM of the project when you send it. Thanks!