Ableton Live

Make sure to compile the scenes into the arrange view so that it plays through with the timeline that you want. You can do this by recording and performing the song into the arrange view

1) Export your rough mix, so I have an idea of the balances that you’ve been working with. This tells me what parts you consider foreground/background, and will also let me know if I’m either missing any elements or have a stem that shouldn’t be in the mix.

2) Remove all processing from your master fader. If tracks are routed to multiple aux tracks or using parallel compression, remove that routing.

3) Go to File>Export Audio/Video. It’ll bring you to the export window in the screenshot below. Set the “Rendered Track” dropdown to “All Individual Tracks” I ask that you export both processed and unprocessed stems.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 12.33.10 PM

4) Create two folders for the stems to be exported to, labelled “Processed Stems” and “Unprocessed Stems”. Set the format to “WAV”, the Bit Depth to 24, Dither options to “No Dither”, and normalize to “Off”.

5) First, export to the Processed Stems folder.

6) Then export to the Unprocessed Stems folder. Unfortunately in Ableton, bypassing the processing is a manual process. Go through each track and remove all EQ, compression, and effects. Basically, any plugins after the VSTi making the sound. Once all processing is bypassed, repeat steps 3 and 4, and export to the Unprocessed Stems folder.

7) You’re done! Please put the rough mix, Processed folder, and Unprocessed folder into a clearly labelled master folder with the song’s name, and send the whole bundle however you prefer. And let me know the BPM of the project when you send it. Thanks!